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God of trickery, Joka, decided one day to play a "harmless & funny" prank on 3 random humans, he picked and chose an Athlete, an Engineer and a Medic, he then gave them a challenge: 

"Solve all puzzles that exist on these 3 islands, and i shall grant you any one wish each, Fail .. and your lives are forfeit", such are the jokes of the gods.

Joka VS Humans

Joka must prevent humans from doing their quests and puzzles in the given time using his abilities and traps.


Humans must communicate using the pipes in order to solve quests and puzzles to escape from Joka before time runs out.



- General

  • Z, Q, S, D: Moving
  • E: Pickup
  • 1 - 6: Equip
  • A: Drop
  • F: Activate
  • Left Click: Interact
  • Hold Left Click: Rotate Camera (Joka)

- Quests/Puzzles: 

  • Mirror Lazer Stick (F: Rotate to left, R: Rotate to right)
  • Magic Cube: (F: Zoom In)

Developed by:

4 players and internet connection are required.

Please report any bugs in the comments section below.

Install instructions

Download, extract the compressed file and launch Joka's Game.exe


Joka's Game.zip 803 MB

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